Tell me about the locations you use...

I have chosen beautiful locations that are the perfect backdrops for your images. Each one chosen for how it looks and the space and freedom it allows us. There are beach, country, gardens, vines, bush and forest to choose from so there is something for everyones taste. Accessibility and safety are also very important factors for me working with children and older family members. If accessibility is a concern for you please feel free to drop me a line and I'll happily talk you through which location will best suit your needs.

Why do you schedule session dates?

Having a selection of ready to book dates and locations makes your life, and mine, easier. I schedule sessions in Autumn and Spring in the late afternoon as these generally give us the best weather and light conditions (there is always an exception with the weather, but I try.) You simply choose your favourite location and a date I'm there and we're ready to adventure!

I do offer custom dates and locations if you have something else in mind, ask away and we'll see what we can arrange.

Do you Travel?

Yes. Choose Your Own Adventure family sessions and Personal Brand sessions include travel within 100km from Nuriootpa SA. Travel fees apply to locations outside this zone.

Do I travel interstate? Yes.
In addition to the portrait session investment, I kindly request the purchase of my round-trip airfare, 1 night’s hotel stay and car rental.

Please contact me to discuss any travel requirements.

How do we book you?

Scheduled Autumn and Spring sessions can be booked directly through the website. Choose what works best for you and book on the spot.

For all other sessions simply fill in the contact form, tell me about your vision and anything you think I need to know and I will personally take care of getting you all booked in.

How far out do you book?

Autumn sessions are released for booking in the Summer. Spring session dates are released for booking in the Winter. Get in when they first land to take advantage of early bird prices.

All other sessions can be booked up to 6 months in advance. If you need or want to book any earlier than that please chat with me and I'll see what we can do.

What payment methods do you take?

Payments are processed through PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted and a PayPal account isn't required for in full purchases. Bank transfers are also available for in full purchases.

All payment plans require a PayPal account to access this service.

What's your weather policy?

Ah, Mother Nature my old friend! The weather can be a tricky thing to predict. I keep a close eye on the forecast in the lead up to our session. If its looking like it's going to be raining I will contact you on the Friday afternoon before our session. I give you the choice to choose another date then and there if you wish but what I prefer to do is wait and see what is actually happening on the day and decide from there. Rescheduling early tends to result in gorgeous photo weather and a missed opportunity.

In a nutshell as long as it isn't pouring rain or 38+ degress we're good to go. Clouds are actually not a bad thing for photos in fact they can be stunning.

what's your reschedule policy?

I get it life happens. The kids get sick or decide to give themselves a hair cut the week before your photos - true story! I am as reasonably flexible as I can be. Please let me know as soon as possible, by 9am on the day of your session for illness, obviously 24-48+ hours is better but I know that's not always possible. If you need to reschedule you simply choose a new date and location or you can upgrade to a Choose Your Own Adventure session. I do not offer refunds once your booking has been made. You will have 12 months to rebook your purchased session/collection or you will be issued with a credit that can be used towards booking a new session within the following 12 months.

As I said I'm flexible and will help as much as reasonably possible so keep in contact and we can work it out.

Whats your turn around time?

Sneak peeks are shown on my social media, Facebook and Instagram, in the week following our session.

Full private online galleries are delivered 3-4 weeks after our session.

Digital downloads are delivered via your gallery within 1 week of receiving your image order.

Image orders are due back within 3 weeks of your gallery being sent.

Do you retouch images?

All of my images are artistically and colour edited to look their best by me, Emma Hannan.

I never cosmetically retouch any images. This goes against everything I believe in. If this is a service you are wanting then I'm probably not the photographer for you, no hard feelings.