What if you let it be simpler?

What if you let it be simpler?

This is the question I’m taking into this month.

Where am I overcomplicating things?

Where am I overcompensating because I don’t think it’s enough?

Where am I making things bigger or harder than they need to be?

Simple isn’t always easy.

We’ve been taught over and over that more is better.

Do more. Say more. Be more.

Quantity. How much did you get done? How much have you achieved? How much value have you offered?

It’s a trap that is reinforced almost everywhere we go.

And so to simplify becomes difficult because we’ve been trained to believe simple isn’t enough.

When in actual fact it’s EVERYTHING.

It’s the distillation of what matters most.

It’s focusing on the most important parts.

It’s the choice to abandon the “shoulds” and follow what makes the most sense.

So ask yourself what if you let it be simpler?

What would that look like?

What would that feel like?

What would that mean to how your days flow?

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